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Immediate relief from power cut due to Fani in no time with Solar Power


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Solar power has a powerful impact on your life. Generate your own clean energy, reduce your monthly electricity bills, protect yourself from rate hikes and use those savings to empower your future life. It’s a substantial payoff, and you also get the feel-good bonus for doing the environmentally right thing.

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Our customers choose us because we provide leading technology,
deliver unmatched services and training, and offer some of the best value in the industry.


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We work hard every day to make ETENGY biggest energy brand with a motto to deliver value- added services to our clients with the highest level of quality.


High Quality Promise

Etengy guarantees to provide the highest quality standards possible, cemented by our ISO 9001, as well as our commitment to on-going evaluation and continual improvement.


Used for Many Purposes

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Low Installation Costs

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Easy Installation

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We Cover The Whole Spectrum

Etengy is a fully forward-integrated and comprehensive EPC solutions provider. Our in-house design and production teams bring creativity and innovation across all the stages of the project. This comprises site and technology evaluation, management using the already available energy infrastructure, material procurement and logistics, and project design. Our team of experts give a lot of focus on maintaining high quality on-site supervision, safety measures, and timeline management to ensure timely installation and also increase the customer’s ROI.

We have an international experienced Operations and Maintenance division, which takes preventive and restorative support administrations for solar power plants over the globe. We at Etengy analyze the requirements of every client keeping in mind the maintenance aspect for the services we provide both renewable and non-renewables.

Our team consists of experienced architects and engineers who have undertaken projects across eastern states of India on both On-grid and Off-grid. For the powerful execution and unwavering quality of a solar plant, we help the investors in independent testing and evaluation services. This will frame out the risk factors and parameters of chief modules associated with the solar plant. We are one of the best Solar Installation Companies in India giving reliable services and solutions on end-to-end building for solar EPC and designers who are experts in the solar industry. Our service includes the greatly demanded features like timely implementation, professional approach and affordable cost.


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