Ground Mounted

Ground-mounted solar panels, as their name suggests, are ones that you install on the ground, as opposed to the roof. The placement of these panels is not flat; instead they rest at an angle of 30 degrees, facing north. This is in order to maximise absorption as well as output.


Why should you opt for Ground mount panels?

  • · If your property has a reasonably large open space where you can install a large setup, you can benefit by significant long-term savings.
  • · If your roof does not have a suitable north-facing surface where you can install solar panels, you’ll have to look for options on the ground.
  • · Proper airflow and cooling keep your panels running in optimal conditions, which is a clear advantage for ground-mount racking.
  • · No infrastructural changes - If you opt for roof-mounted panels, the least you’ll have to do to install them is drill holes in your roof. If your roof is not strong enough, you might have to reinforce it before you can install the panels. With ground-mounted panels, you don’t have to worry about making any structural changes to your home.
  • · Easy maintenance- You get the most out of your solar panels if you keep them clean and free of dust, which is typically easier to do when your solar panels are on the ground, as opposed to on the roof. If, at any point, your roof requires repairs, you may have to disassemble and reassemble the solar panels to address the problem.
  • · Increased efficiency- Ground-mounted panels have space below and this increases the airflow around them. Since panels perform at optimum levels when kept cool, increased airflow leads to better performance.