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Solar OPEX model

Solar OPEX model, the solar PV installed at your premises is NOT owned by you but by a third-party, which is also responsible for its maintenance. However you need to enter into an agreement with that party to purchase and consume all the power generated by PV for a long term period (15-20 years). Thus, under OPEX, a third party will install PV at our home and maintain it, you have to buy energy produced by it.

This model is getting highly popular in India and many OPEX developers in the country are flourishing. We are here to enable you to make the procedure as simple as could be allowed. Contact us today to get more in-depth idea about the financing options are available for your organization. We will enable you to assist by sending an Energy Expert to your start in order to survey your energy needs and give you with more data on how Etengy can use your business with the privilege OPEX arrangements.