Our Range of services includes:

Etengy provides solar water heating solution among the affordable prices. With us, you find the best-in-class selection and prices on solar water heating systems. Maintaining ISO 9001:2015 certifications, our vendors are equipped with quality control and safety systems.


Solar water heater comes in two types

1) Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) 2) Evacuated tube collectors (ETC) Etengy Solar Hot Water Heating available for various purposes: Hot ware solutions for residential use Hospitality sector for Hotels, guest houses, laundries, resorts & spas Institutional sector for school, college, university campuses, hospitals, clinics, old age homes and child care centres. Industrial sector where hot water is necessary for processing, production, manufacturing, paint jobs, etc. Solar hot water heating solutions for kitchens, restaurants, eateries, canteens and messes, summing pools etc.s.

Why Choose Us?

SAVE thousands on electricity, gas, coal, diesel or wood bills Cut a major part of your electricity, gas or wood bills Save tonnes of ozone depleting substance emanations Hot Water all the time at Higher temperature Extremely long-life Low maintenance Customized systems for huge installations Revolutionary Vacuum Tube technology Stainless steel inner tank PUF insulated tank to keep water HOT even amid winter evenings Environment-friendly Negligible operating costs In-built power backup at no extra cost for all those over-cast conditions Trusted brand offering good after sales support MNRE, Government of India affirmeds.