Solar EPC Projects

Wind energy is a free, renewable resource, so no matter how much is used today, there will still be the same supply in the future. Wind energy is also a source of clean, non-polluting, electricity. Unlike conventional power plants, wind plants emit no air pollutants or greenhouse gases.

Etengy takes care of all the aspects related to development of wind power project from concept to commissioning including operation and maintenance.

This includes wind studies, energy assessment, land acquisition, site infrastructure development, power evacuation, statutory approvals, supply of WTG, erection and installing, commissioning and long term operation and maintenance of the wind farms.


At Etengy we take a multi-disciplinarian approach to the design and engineering of your PV power plant, leveraging all our combined expertise to offer modern day solutions. When you see Etengy solar plans, you know that all the details are covered.


We understand your money that’s why we always try to provide the best Quality guaranteed products in your budget. we have kept up the reliable association with the best vendors across the globe. We assured our products and services are best in quality.

Project Management

We deal with each angle beginning from planning and installation and also monitor the performance of the projects to maintain the highest quality standards at all levels.


We take care of all the rules and regulations while planning and managing the processes pertaining to the construction stage and we undergo the various levels in quality checks to bring out the best output.


Our Range of services includes:

  • Planning & consulting
  • Site inspection, feasibility studies & basic evaluation
  • Identification of suitable surfaces & roofs for investors
  • Yield forecasts and profit analysis
  • Design planning, approval planning & implementation planning
  • Construction monitoring
  • Project management, documentation & operation
  • Full project implementation from single source
  • From conceptualizing to commissioning